Our Philosophy


The Little Nest is an unique and creative daycare that will offer children an opportunity to construct imagination, develop self-expression, gain knowledge, and engage in meaningful relationships with peers and teachers during designated periods of play and exploration. It is my personal belief, that learning and growing in an environment that stimulates, focuses on play, engages in earth friendly practices, and promotes healthy living, can not only expand, but enhance the lives of our children, as well as their families, in a way unlike any other program.

The Little Nest is committed to providing high quality care in a home-like and eco-friendly atmosphere. At The Little Nest we believe in creating our own little community of explorers where our children will learn and grow. Working together in partnership with families and educated teachers, through education and care for our children, we will give them opportunities that will teach and help them grow into independent individuals.

The Little Nest is built upon the idea that the center should function as a “second home, away from home” and the daycare layout is built accordingly. All rooms are set up with learning stations that offer limitless possibilities in a playroom atmosphere. This promotes the home-like environment with a twist of an educational aspect. The indoor gross motor space provides an earth friendly ambiance for the days mother nature is watering our earth. The Little Nest also utilizes the community local parks and nature walks to embrace the natural world as a key element of the environment.

Our Little Nest is staffed with wonderful, patient, and educated teachers, helpful and assisting classroom aids, as well as, Jessie herself.


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