Little Owlets


At Little Nest Care, we strongly believe that the early stages of life are complex and crucial for the infant. Providing a warm, home-like environment and a bond between infant and teachers is very important. Our teachers provide by nurturing, cuddling, and attending to each child’s basic needs on a daily basis. All of our educated teachers make sure each child has a limitless opportunity to engage in activities that will help them enhance their language, physical needs, as well as, cognitive, social and emotional skills throughout different activities such as: sensory play, music and story time, and much more.


The infants natural curiosity in mind is displayed on a messy art design. Art focuses on sensory development throughout the various textures, as well as, their emotional and social development. Our program focuses on the infant expressing their creativity through hands-on activities to help stimulate all areas of development. Our infants begin to create masterpieces as young as 4 months!


Infants are exposed to colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet through sensory and hands-on activities to help stimulate cognitive development from the very beginning. Language is implemented through storytelling, sign language, nursery rhymes and infant-teachers cues. Our infants are introduced to many different languages such as French, Spanish, Polish and English through books, songs and games. Our youngest learners begin to form their educational foundation with strong cognitive, social, emotional, physical and sensory roots in our program.


Our program is music-oriented to help promote early language development. Infants are introduced to all types of musical instruments to help with sensory development, as well as, fine and gross motor skills. The emergence of creativity, memory, social interaction and emotional development starts with music in our classroom!


Infants are fed on personal schedules and based on each individual child’s needs. Our teachers will make proper recommendations based on the child’s growth and development. Nutrition plays a very important part in the child’s development, which is why we introduce our 12 month old infants to whole and organic foods, catered by ChildEats.


Little Nest Care is a “second home, away from home”!


07:00-08:45 AM      Drop-Off
08:00-08:30 AM     Breakfast
08:30-09:00 AM     Daily Activities
09:00-10:45 AM      Morning Nap
10:45-11:00 PM       AM Snack
11:00-11:45 AM       Gross-Motor Time/Outdoor Time
12:00-12:30 PM      Lunch
12:30-1:00 PM        Free Play
1:00-1:30 PM          Story Time

1:30-3:30 PM          Afternoon Nap

3:30-4:00 PM         PM Snack
4:00-5:00 PM         Playtime and Pick-Up

*This schedule reflects our typical day in the infant classroom

The Little Nest is an unique and creative daycare that will offer children an opportunity to construct imagination, develop self-expression, gain knowledge, and engage in meaningful relationships with peers and teachers during designated periods of play and exploration. It is my personal belief, that learning and growing in an environment that stimulates, focuses on play, engages in earth friendly practices, and promotes healthy living, can not only expand, but enhance the lives of our children, as well as their families, in a way unlike any other program…Read more

Our lead and assistant caregivers at Little Nest Care meet the following requirements, which well exceed the Illinois DCFS licensing standard and is definitely one reason which makes Little Nest Care stand out from any other program. Read more

Little Nest Care is an eco-friendly center that focuses an immense amount on earthly consciousness to influence a greater world for our Owlets and Owls. Each child is assisted and encouraged to practice earth friendly approaches at the Little Nest and at home. Our caregivers demonstrate these practices to help aid our children in making their own GREEN choices. Little Nest Care gives our Owlets and Owls the opportunity to learn and grow efficiently, which encourages their foundations to use all the potential that is in their bright future. Read more


We provide high quality care and enriched learning environment