Enrichment Programs


All children are curious and energetic little human beings. They require a great amount of movement throughout their day, in order to help them explore and develop gross motor skills. Little Nest Care offers a wide range of different large motor activities and techniques, which help promote social-emotional, cognitive, language, as well as, physical development throughout our gymnastics, yoga and dance programs.


Cooking with children provides them with life skills and practical experiences. Throughout our cooking classes, children are able to develop math skills by measuring and cutting, science skills by combining ingredients and mixing them all together, fine motor skills by using cooking utensils, language, cognitive and social skills by working with peers and teachers. They gain life skills by following directions and completing cooking activities.


Our foreign language classes consist of French and Polish. Twice a week, children learn a foreign language through games, songs, activities, and story-telling. These classes awaken the senses and intellect of children at a very young age. Little Nest Care also introduces the American Sign-Language to Little Owlets to promote early communication and language development.


Music Together is a research-based music curriculum which is designed to follow the path of the child’s natural development. Ms. Megan from Harmonious-Horizons offers the child the ability to achieve basic music skills and singing comfortably in tune. In these weekly class your child is given a wealth of rich musical experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the future music-making. These music classes give children an opportunity to develop, learn, and discover on their own, as well as, with their peers!


Little Nest Care is a “second home, away from home”!


We provide high quality care and enriched learning environment